World Milk Day 2023


For 2023 World Milk Day we want to highlight the importance of milk deliveries to the door.

Did you know milkmen have been delivering milk in glass bottles in the uk since 1920s and were slowly introduced before World War 1 and from the United States. Why glass bottles you ask? Well glass bottles are a hygienic material, it is considered one of the best materials for storing food and drink. Glass bottles for milk storage keeps the characteristics of flavor, purity, and quality of everything stored in them untouched.

Milk is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, particularly calcium. It has an important role in bone health. Nutritionists recommend that people have milk and other dairy products every day as part of a balanced diet.

Did you also know one of our milk bottles can save up to 12 x 2 Litre Poly bottles going to landfill or even worse our oceans. To find out more about our glass bottles CLICK HERE

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Bank Holiday BBQ Meat Bundle

Normal price: £22.88
Offer price: £19.99

4 x Steak Burgers, 900g Chinese Chicken Drumsticks, 300g BBQ Chicken Kebabs, 500g Salt & Pepper Pork Steaks, 700g Thin Pork Sausages, 4 x Henllan Bakery Baps, 1Kg White Onions

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Whitsun Bank Holiday

Everything you need to to know about Whitsun Bank Holiday Please note that there are a few changes to some of the deliveries over the 2023 Whitsun Bank Holiday. All Monday deliveries have been added to your Friday 26th May delivery giving your driver some time off. Affected rounds are as follows: 1,2,3,4,5,8,10,14,15 Semi Retail …

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Fiver friday

Friday 12th May Fiver Friday We are extremely happy to announce that “Fiver Friday” is back by popular demand. If you are new to Fiver Friday this is how it works, We understand with the cost of living rising that cut backs have to be made in all households, so our team work hard behind …

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Kings Coronation Deliveries & Offer

Deliveries Over The Kings Coronation Bank Holiday Weekend As the kings coronation fast approaches we advise all customers to take the time to read this post as we prepare to “Completely” Close the dairy allowing all staff the chance to celebrate with the rest of the UK. Please see below changes, if you have any …

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1st May Bank Holiday Deliveries

Everything you need to know about bank holiday deliveries. With bank holiday season just starting we wanted to let you know of any changes that may affect your deliveries over the weekend. PLEASE NOTE ALL SEMI RETAIL ROUNDS WILL BE OPERATING AS NORMAL. If you would normaly have a delivery to your home or office …

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Meats Now Available 6 Days A Week

Pre Pack Meats Now Available 6 Days A Week. With you all loving our newly listed pre pack meats from local Oswestry Butcher, we are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer them with your milk deliveries any day of the week! So why not pop online and add one (Or a …

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Updating Your Payment Method

How to update your payment record online before the deadline. As you will be aware from previous emails, we are updating our payment Methods to a newer updated system that is designed to work more seamlessley with our in house system and your online accounts. Paying for your milk accounts have never been so simple, …

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Easter Bank Holiday Delivery Days

Everything you need to to know about Easter Bank Holiday Weekend. Please note that there are a few changes to some of the deliveries over the Easter Bank Holiday 2023. Your Good Friday deliveries will be as normal, All Easter Monday deliveries have been added to your Friday 7th April delivery giving your driver some …

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