Christmas & New Year delivery days 2023

Doorstep delivery dates

Friday 22nd December 2023 – You will also receive your Monday 25th Delivery.

Saturday 23rd December 2023 – You will also receive Tuesday 26th Delivery

Sunday 24th Delivery – Only Semi Retail Customers will receive a delivery

Monday 25th – CLOSED

Tuesday 26th – CLOSED

Wednesday 27th – Normal Deliveries

Thursday 28th – Normal Deliveries

Friday 29th – You will also receive Monday 1st Delivery

Saturday 30th – Normal Delivery/ Semi Retail customers will receive Mondays

Monday 1st January – CLOSED

Tuesday 2nd January – All back to normal.

See below for order cut off times

Martin, Louis, Jenna & all the team would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your much valued support and custom, wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Order cut-off times

Christmas Cream = Need to be ordered no later than Thursday 14th December (7+ day lead time)

Christmas Bread- 3+ Day lead time

Christmas Fruit & Veg – 4+ Day lead time

All Christmas Hampers will be delivered on your last day before Christmas 22nd & 23rd December depending on what day you have your deliveries.

We recommend that all orders are placed for any extras such as Yoghurts, Pops, Juices, Eggs etc are made on or before Friday 15th December to ensure our team can get your required stock in. Anything none perishable will be delivered at the start of Christmas week to help the drivers on the last few days of delivery. All this can be viewed online from 15th December 2023.

We will run the same procedure for the New Year Period and this can be viewed online from Friday 15th December 2023.

Deliveries for semi-retail customers

Delivery to YouMilk Cut OffBread Cut Off
Friday 22nd December10am Wednesday 20th December10am Tuesday 19th December
Saturday 23rd DecemberNo deliveryNo delivery
Sunday 24th December10am Friday 22nd December10am Thursday 21st December
Monday 25th DecemberCLOSEDCLOSED
Tuesday 26th DecemberCLOSEDCLOSED
Wednesday 27th December10 am Monday 25th December (online)
10am Saturday 23rd December (phone or email)
10am Saturday 23rd December (No Henllan Bakery Delivery This Day)
Thursday 28th December10am Tuesday 26th December10am Saturday 23rd December (No Henllan Bakery Delivery)
Friday 29th December10am Wednesday 27th December10am Saturday 23rd December (No Henllan Bakery Delivery)
Saturday 30th December10am Thursday 28th December10am Wednesday 27th December
Sunday 31st DecemberCLOSEDCLOSED
Monday 1st January 2024CLOSEDCLOSED
Wednesday 4th January 2023ALL BACK TO NORMAL12 Noon Friday 30th December (No Henllan Bakery Delivery This Day)

Cream/fruit and veg cut-off times

Cream orders must be placed before Thursday 14th December for delivery up to 27th & Thursday 21st for delivery up to and including January 2nd. If you do not place your cream orders before the deadline, we cannot guarantee cream deliveries for Christmas & New Year.

Fruit & Veg orders must be placed before:

10am Monday 18th December for delivery on the 22nd
10am Thursday 21st for delivery on the 27th/28th
10am Saturday 23rd for delivery on the 29th
10am Wednesday 27th for delivery on the 30th
10am Friday 29th for delivery on January 2nd

These Christmas & New Year delivery days are now displaying on your online account, to find out more please follow the login link and the top of the page.

Information for semi-retail customers

If you are closed for the Christmas or New Year period you need to contact us to inform us of these changes; If you have a standing order in place or a base order these will stand and be delivered unless told otherwise. 

 To help with our stock control over the festive period, we have instructed our drivers to deliver the amounts on your account, meaning they will be unable to make changes to your delivery when they reach your premises so we are requesting all order amounts for the following dates must be given in advance as per the table below. 

If you have a base order in place and do not cancel or amend this will be delivered accordingly, if you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact the office or your account manager direct. 

Link to letter to semi retail customers

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