Christmas Trees & Wreaths

All orders must be placed before Friday 24th November

All deliveries will be made Friday 1st & 2nd December 2023.

Nordman Fir is the Uk’s most popular Christmas Tree. This Christmas Tree is a None needle drop. The trees are large with soft needles making it ideal for households.


  • When your tree is delivered, ensure the base of the tree has a straight cut across the bottom of it. This will get rid of any dried resin that might block the tree from absorbing water. 
  • If you are not putting your tree up straight way, pop it in a bucket of water. You should always store trees in an unheated room protecting it from wind and freezing temperature. 
  • When you are ready to ring the tree into your home, it’s better if you cut another 1” off the bottom of the trunk to help with water absorption.  
  • We supply a FREE base with every tree, but it’s recommended to have your tree in a pot that can hold water, this must be checked regularly to feed the tree. None or little water will cause resin build up stopping the tree feeding. 
  • It’s advised to keep your Christmas tree away from heat, even though it looks very decorative next to your log burner or open fire or even in front of a radiator, this will contribute to your tree drying out much quicker. This will also reduce the risk of fire. 

Every Tree ordered will arrive with a FREE wooden block base.

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