How to keep your milk cool on the doorstep in hot weather

When the weather warms up this can have unpleasant effects on your doorstep pint – even a short time out in the sun can drastically shorten the life of your milk. Here are a few tips to make sure your morning pint arrives at the breakfast table in perfect condition.

On bright summer morning your milk can spend a few hours on your doorstep between delivery and you collecting it, and how your milk is stored during that time makes a big difference.

If stored corectly, milk will keep for a week or more. Ideally, milk should be stored at 4 degrees C, so it’s easy to see how a few hours outside on a warm summer morning can change that.

Read on to find out how you can make sure your milk stays in perfect condition.

Tips for keeping your milk fresh on the doorstep

Tip 1: Keep your milk out of the sun

Sunlight not only heats up the milk but destroys the vitamins, especially Vitamin D, the milk contains. Even a little sunlight exposure can drastically shorten the life of your milk. It might taste great at breakfast, but it’s going off by teatime. Just keeping your milk out of the sun while it waits on your doorstep will make a big difference, but we also recommend these other ideas.

Our milk should reach your breakfast table in perfect condition

Tip 2: Use a cool box/bag or ice packs

If it’s possible for you, you could leave a cool box or bag on your doorstep for us to use. For best results take your ice or cool blocks out of the freezer just before you go to bed, and pop them into your bag or box last thing before you go to bed.

Tip 3: If you haven’t got a cool box, a bucket will do

It’s that easy. Just put a few inches (about 15cm) of cold water or even ice into a bucket tall enough to keep your milk out of the sun until you can collect it. Don’t forget to change the water each night, especially when it’s really hot.

Tip 4: Have your milk delivered in glass bottles

Yes it’s true, Yet another benefit of using glass bottles is that they help keep your milk cool. The density and thickness of glass means that it insulates far better than poly plastic bottles, so when combined with the cooling methods above, glass bottles will keep your milk in better condition, close to the magic 4 degrees C.

Glass bottles reduce waste and are better for the environment. If you haven’t switched already you can use our calculator to find out how much milk to order when switching to glass, or use our Go Green Go Glass order form or you can log in to your account and request glass bottles from there.

Tip 5: Bonus milk storage tip

Keep your milk even fresher in the fridge by storing it in the fridge door. Why? Because milk keeps best if it moves around once in a while. If it’s left undisturbed the fat starts to rise tp the top, but the gentle movement from being in the fridge door keeps the milk happy.

Milk keeps best in the fridge door

Oh, and don’t forget to tell us

Once you’ve decided how you’re going to keep your milk cool on the doorstep, don’t forget to let us know.

You can make things obvious and leave a note for the delivery driver, but you can also contact us in the following ways:

During office hours by Live Chat (the chat now button) or phone, or by email or contact form, as always quoting your URN.

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