How to update your payment record online before the deadline.

As you will be aware from previous emails, we are updating our payment Methods to a newer updated system that is designed to work more seamlessley with our in house system and your online accounts. Paying for your milk accounts have never been so simple, as we come out of contract with our direct debit handler we have intergarted the system both in house and online with a new providor to help in many ways and our biggest saviour is costs, keeping our costs down to you our much valued customers is something we talk and act on every day. Following these simple steps will help both ourselves and you the customer going forward.

Please note once you have set up for payments the new way we will automatically cancel your direct debit meaning less work for you.

1, Log Into Your Online Account

2, Once you have signed in you will find your name & account number in the top right of the screen as pictured in the image above, Click on your name and then click on “Authorise Card”

3, Once you have clicked “Authorise Card” it will then take you to another page explaining how payments will be taken and the company “Stripe” we will be using for the new payment method. Once you have read through the information you can then click “Continue”

4, After clicking continue this will take you to the page for you to be able to enter your card details. Once confirmed and set up this will then redirect you back to your online account. Please remember once you have completed this step and before we submit the next direct debit you will automatically be cancelled from the old payment & Direct Debit Submission.

If you have any questions and wish to speak to someone about this post please feel free to reach out to a team member.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support, cooperation and understanding on this matter, to do this now with ease please follow the link below:

Update My Payment Method

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