World Milk Day 2023


For 2023 World Milk Day we want to highlight the importance of milk deliveries to the door.

Did you know milkmen have been delivering milk in glass bottles in the uk since 1920s and were slowly introduced before World War 1 and from the United States. Why glass bottles you ask? Well glass bottles are a hygienic material, it is considered one of the best materials for storing food and drink. Glass bottles for milk storage keeps the characteristics of flavor, purity, and quality of everything stored in them untouched.

Milk is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, particularly calcium. It has an important role in bone health. Nutritionists recommend that people have milk and other dairy products every day as part of a balanced diet.

Did you also know one of our milk bottles can save up to 12 x 2 Litre Poly bottles going to landfill or even worse our oceans. To find out more about our glass bottles CLICK HERE

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